sun kills every thing

by Niriti

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released March 15, 2017

everything written, performed and engineered by Michael W. at Estúdio Sabine.




Niriti Curitiba, Brazil

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Track Name: the fall
breathing out
entering the realms of what once
was the eye of the world
but now
steam and concrete
bury down the song
of the leaves
falling down
touching water, turning to dust

no more avenging cries
we shall not dance with broken legs
holding onto a past of richness and fortitude
which now is painted grey

stone under stone it takes back
bring life into dullness
a bleak existence devoid of spirit
storming, thriving, to release
a handful of fertile soil
growing crops of resistance
no longer cogs in a great mean
murderous machine

we shall dance now
our legs are one
the roots beneath us
life is one

havoc, rebirth
from chaos the new order ascends
Track Name: sun kills every thing
the dawn of consciousness
reaping life from dirt
along the lines that were never drawn
full circle means that the light of reason
reveals an end coming from the start
heat brings life to death
sun kills every thing

what once nourished pride
ascending from the ground
up to the skies
now falls like a meteor
eroding craters
Track Name: circle
ethereal full bonds
build hope and strenght
flee from the eyes
until dawn you keep waiting

ephemerous as life itself
you can't hold back
i have no sight of the silhouette
of what once
meant completeness
now free

i can't
bring back
uncertain as life itself
no turning back
this permeates reason